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        As an artist, I like to utilize both traditional craft techniques such as weaving, yarn

spinning, and dyeing, and modern digital technologies. I often combine the two and utilize

each one’s strengths.


        My two main bodies of work currently are; Natural Oxygen Dyeings and People

Weavings. The Natural Oxygen Dyeings use natural dyes; Indigo and Rust. These dyes

rely on Oxygen and Water that allows for the chemical processes to develop and adhere

to the cloth.

        The second Series of work People Weavings addresses weaving as a metaphor

for connections and relationships between humans through the physical interlacement of

custom human silhouetted threads into the weaving.


        My work often explores the many qualities relating to the human experience and portrays

the fragility and durability of the physical and spiritual being. Narratives throughout my

work reminds us of the simplicity and complexity of humans and serves as a reminder

that people are so much more than just matter, more than just tissue, and more than just

carbon and water.







My Story:















          My fiber journey began when I was 8 years old, and a family friend gave me a little 5-day old bottle baby Angora goat kid.  I quickly named this little kid Harry and began the journey of mothering him. We soon became best buds. As he grew, so did his mohair, wonderful soft curly locks of kid mohair sparked my interest in his hair, and I wanted to learn how to transform it into yarn.  Lucky the shearer of the family friend’s animals knew how to spin and showed me how to spin on a drop spindle. I practiced and practiced and soon was asking for a spinning wheel...

This was how I started, and with my growing interest in fiber and fiber techniques and with encouragement from my parents, and connections with groups, guilds, and 4-H my fascination grew and the spinning soon led to knitting, and weaving, which led to felting, dyeing, and many more fiber techniques.  My passion for fibers also led me deeper into the world of art and design which led me to studying Fiber and Textile Design in college.

(Abe & Harry)

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