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         My two main bodies of work currently are; Natural Oxygen Dyeings and People

Weavings. The Natural Oxygen Dyeings use the natural dyes; Indigo and Rust. These dyes

rely on Oxygen and Water that allow for the chemical processes to develop and adhere

to the cloth.


         The second Series of work People Weavings addresses weaving as a metaphor

for connections and relationships between humans through the physical interlacement of

custom made threads of human silhouettes into the weaving.


         This work explores the many qualities relating to the human experience and portrays

the fragility and durability of the physical and spiritual being. Narratives throughout the

work remind us of the simplicity and complexity of humans and serve as a reminder

that people are so much more than just matter, more than just tissue, and more than just

carbon and water. Through cloth representations of human silhouettes, my work provides

a mirror for personal reflection addressing concerns related to the ambiguity of emotion

and the energy of the being.

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